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Tamlin’s accounting software gives companies the tools they need to realize their goals.Tamlin provides solutions for distribution, accounting and e-commerce through the award winning systems developed by AccountMate Software Corporation. At Tamlin we recognize that one-size-fits-all in systems is a myth. A great advantage provided by AccountMate’s products is the complete flexibility and modifiability which is achieved through the availability of source code for each module. Additionally, AccountMate’s solutions are built on top of Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 which is fast becoming the standard shared database for network enabled business applications.

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If your company seeking a more robust and configurable accounting solution, then contact Tamlin Software today! We are able to offer a powerful accounting system that will meet your most rigid demands. For additional information on AccountMate or to discuss how we can configure the solution for you, click here to contact us. In a brief consultation we can assess your needs and determine the best way to proceed.