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AccountMate: A suite accounting software solution

Tamlin provides solutions for distribution, accounting and e-commerce through the award winning systems developed by AccountMate Software Corporation. As an elite partner and leading reseller of AccountMate accounting software, Tamlin gives companies the tools they need to realize their goals.

AccountMate is a real-time, configurable financial and business management software designed to address the needs of SMEs. These solutions take advantage of the latest productivity-enhancing tools in Microsoft’s suite of products to help you better manage and run your business.

Robust, configurable accounting software

If your company requires a robust and configurable accounting solution, then Tamlin Software offers a powerful accounting system that will meet your most rigid demands. Combining the award-winning AccountMate system with the power of Microsoft’s SQL Server, Tamlin provides superior scalability, uptime performance, stronger data security and easier integration with other software applications.Tamlin offers a range of AccountMate modules to fulfill your accounting, payroll, inventory, manufacturing, RMA, CRM and other business needs. Available modules include:

AccountMate products are flexible and scalable because the source code is readily available for each module.This enables simplified configuration of AccountMate, so you can create a system to fit your business processes and easily adjust as your business grows.

Accounting software solutions that provide true ROI for SMEs

Tamlin’s accounting solutions satisfy critical needs of small and mid-range discrete manufacturers, food processors, distributors, and others—and our primary goal is delivering ROI for you. We put key data at your fingertips, because better information allows for better bottom-line decisions. Tamlin delivers:

  • Inventory Accuracy — Real-time information on the allocation of materials so you have an accurate measure of the value of raw materials, work in progress or finished goods inventory. This detailed information lets you precisely manage just-in-time inventory
  • Increased Data Entry Accuracy — Our accounting solution integrates with scanners and barcode systems to increase the accuracy of data entry and eliminate duplication
  • Accurate Inventory Costing — We provide automated mechanisms include wage allocation and overhead costs for produced, kitted or warehoused goods, as well as accrued cost of goods and landed costs to account for all inventory related expenses
  • Competitive Edge — We deliver rapid turn-around time on custom orders, real time order status, accurate due-date delivery performance and better cost information for pricing so you can stand out from the competition
  • Expandability and Scalability — We assure that you won’t be constrained by manual or non-integrated systems when you are ready to grow. Our solutions are fully scalable and expandable to change and grow along with your business