Better Supply Chain Compliance—Without Nagging Your Suppliers

“Hi Tom, I was just calling again to see if you were able to get that updated non-GMO certification that we need?”

Look around your company and identify the team members who have to nag others repeatedly to fill out the form correctly, or turn in the receipts by the due date. You know – the folks who stand up at your team meeting to review the correct process with everyone again and beg people to follow it.

Those are great spots to get a big return on investment by automating an existing process. You eliminate the workflow bottleneck while reducing stress in people’s work environment.

A top nag point for many food manufacturers is getting ingredient documentation from suppliers.

The kosher certification or nutritional information or other document has expired. And you’re leaving another voicemail for your supplier to remind them to send their current documentation. Or they sent partial documentation and you still need the rest.

Yet it’s mandatory for your food quality program to have up-to-date documents in place or you can’t sell your products! The documents must be quickly accessible in case of an audit or a safety question, too.

What can be done?

When you integrate your document management into your accounting and ERP, your system can automatically monitor upcoming expiration dates and send alerts to your suppliers with a 60-day heads up.

Even better, your suppliers can upload their own documents to your system. This gives them plenty of time and increases overall compliance rates. You don’t have to be involved. This can be set up for your own finished goods documentation and your supplier company-level certification documents too.

Then as the out-of-compliance dates get close, you’ll receive alerts only for the documents that still haven’t been received. At any time, you can view a report to check compliance status, or pull up real-time accurate information for an auditor or customer instantly.

Consider automating your supply chain compliance to greatly simplify your document management. If you have a question, reach out to us to chat.