MKT Credit Card and AccountMate Support

Credit Card Processing

MKT Credit Card from Bailey Enterprises for Level 3 credit card processing is a software tool that integrates your AccountMate accounting system with credit card processor American Payment Systems, to simplify your transactions and reduce your fees.

Lower your processing fees

If your company accepts business credit cards for payment, your credit card company will give you a substantial discount on your interchange fees if your provide Level 3 transaction data. (This doesn’t apply to consumer credit cards.) Level 3 processing is handled automatically with MKT Credit Card.

For typical AccountMate users, it’s common to reduce your processing fees by 1.5% and see $10,000 to $20,000 in savings annually with Level 3 credit card processing. Or more, if you process a high volume of transactions.

What is Level 3 data?

Level 3 transaction data includes additional merchant data above Level 1 and Level 2, like item description, quantity, unit of measurement, shipping, tax and freight amounts, and product codes. This allows corporate card holders to better assess and manage their transactions and purchasing.

Level 3 processing with MKT and APS offers additional benefits

  • Get fast payments with next-day funding
  • Accept all major credit cards from your customers
  • Get PCI compliance and high-quality data encryption
  • Reduce your processing time, eliminate re-keying of data and errors, and reconcile transactions – by having complete accounting and ERP integration
  • Optionally pre-authorize your customer’s card; process payments automatically upon shipment of your customer’s order;  run reports; and more

Assess your merchant statement for potential cost and time savings

It’s straightforward to project how much you’d save on fees by moving to Level 3 credit card processing. We’ll work with American Payment Systems to review your current merchant statement and send you back concrete numbers to evaluate.

This is software that’s quick to set up, generates a fast return on investment and ongoing savings month after month, and provides a win-win for you and your customers. Call us or send a quick message via the form at the bottom of this page.