Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software

Discrete Manufacturing ERP Software

Sharpen your competitive edge with robust manufacturing software.

You’re looking for a competitive edge in today’s demanding discrete manufacturing environment, and Tamlin can help with ERP tools that will help you execute rapid turn-arounds, obtain real-time order status and offer better due date delivery performance. We also support quality initiatives such as ISO and provide better cost information for pricing. All of these benefits add up to a major competitive advantage and definable ROI for discrete manufacturers like you.

Is your ERP system tailored to fit the needs of discrete manufacturing?

As a discrete manufacturer, you rely on your ERP software to meet customer demands, be productive and stay profitable. You need a Discrete Manufacturing ERP system that:

  • Manages operational efficiency to improve through-puts and productivity
  • Minimizes overhead with reliable inventory management
  • Supports quick delivery to meet customer demands
  • Ensures quality control is of the highest standard
  • Provides a competitive advantage that will deliver ROI

Ask Us How Our Manufacturing Conductor Does It

Then learn how we can implement ERP software solutions tailor-made for small and mid-size discrete manufacturers.

Tamlin Software has decades of experience working with small and mid-size discrete manufacturers so we intimately understand your challenges and know how to overcome them. Our manufacturing ERP software like Manufacturing Conductor and MC Scheduler is designed to meet the specific demands of small and mid-size businesses in the discrete manufacturing sector and deliver results that address the most important issues you face today and in the future.

  • Productivity — Whether it’s using less staff to accomplish more, leveraging available personnel or assigning key staff to complete high-return projects, our manufacturing software balances employee resources to make the most effective use of your talent. Data entry time is also minimized with features that eliminate duplications.
  • Inventory Management — You want a solution that efficiently manages just-in-time discrete manufacturing inventory from raw materials to work in progress to finished goods inventories. We’ll develop a solution that delivers all the information you need to control your investment in parts and materials.
  • Data Management—Better information allows for better bottom-line conclusions, so any ERP solution we develop puts the data you need for key decisions at your fingertips. It’s there when you need it so no one has to chase data before making critical choices.
  • Promoting Growth — When it’s time to grow, Tamlin systems can grow with you. With our adaptable and configurable solutions, you’re not constrained by your ERP software or a non-integrated system that can’t adapt to new resources and demands.

Have questions about discrete manufacturing ERP? Let’s talk and see how we can meet your specific needs. Contact us today via the form below.