Food Manufacturing Software

Food Manufacturing Conductor™

Food Manufacturing Conductor™ (FMC) is Tamlin’s proprietary process control system designed for small to mid-size food manufacturers. FMC was designed on the production floor by people who know manufacturing. Its simplified and easy to use interface keeps your people productive while getting you the information you need to realize your production goals.

FMC exceeds the U.S. Government’s traceability requirements. What’s more, labor-intensive tracking reports that used to take hours—or even days—are completed in minutes.

Food Manufacturing Conductor™ Benefits and Features

FMC Supports Quality Initiatives and Governmental Compliance

  • Provides real-time data, supporting the one-up one-down traceability requirements of Section 306 of the Bioterrorism Act
  • Supports recalls, mock recalls, and food-safety audits with real-time data
  • Equips you with a complete real-time audit trail of who worked on what, when, and QC results including in-process inspection and final inspection records
  • Tracks by lot number all raw material ingredients, WIP, and finished goods. Bar-coding is fully supported
  • Furnishes the tools to make your ISO certification faster and easier—saving money
  • Ensures complete cradle to grave reporting – forward and backward from one screen

FMC Manages Your Production Floor

  • Provides real-time visibility of all production floor activity
  • Costing: captures raw material, WIP, finished good, and scrap costs including labor
  • Tracks employee time by work center, job or sales orders
  • Provides real-time production management data for optimal scheduling
  • Tracks location, usage and maintenance of equipment including expendables
  • Provides visibility to manage reprocessing and scrap
  • Allows batch sizes of one (1) to track partial moves
  • Identifies, reports and helps eliminate constraints for better scheduling
  • Can interface shipping manifest and point-of-sale solutions
  • Can automatically generate invoices from the production floor for the front office

Real-Time Benefits at a Glance

  • FMC has a simple user-friendly interface designed to keep your workers productive
  • It gives authorized users access to production formulations and process specifications on the production floor
  • Barcoding is fully supported and provides fast and accurate employee time-tracking and inventory movement
  • FMC optionally replaces all paper on the production floor
  • It seamlessly integrates with your accounting, ERP, and scheduling systems—eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing fewer support staff to process higher volumes
  • FMC can also export time and attendance information to payroll
  • Most importantly, FMC is fully configurable to fit the way you do business