Food Processing ERP Software

Food Processing ERP Software

Farm to Fork: Why Food Processing ERP is so important

Every year, 48 million people in America get sick from food-borne diseases. Even worse, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 128,000 people are hospitalized and 3,000 actually die from food-related illness.

But if you’re a small to mid-sized food manufacturer, food-borne contamination isn’t just a public health concern. It’s a critical business issue and a BIG challenge when you’re strapped with limited financial and operational resources. You need answers—and solutions—to your questions.

  • Does our food processing ERP record everything it needs to?
  • Are we in compliance with HACCP and other regulatory bodies?
  • What if any of my vendors is non-compliant? Or if regulations change?
  • How can I be assured of total traceability—both backward and forward?
  • What do I do if there actually is a product recall?

Most importantly — how can I manage my production floor control efficiently with confidence, certainty and at a cost I can afford?

Contact Tamlin and Get Your Questions Answered

Then learn how we can implement a food processing ERP software solution specific to your needs.

Our proprietary Food Manufacturing Conductor™ software provides you with:

  • A one-stop food processing ERP solution
  • A single system to integrate your production floor control
  • Ingredient through finished product traceability
  • Cradle to grave lot traceability
  • Easy and cost-effective compliance best practices
  • The opportunity to grow—and compete—faster and easier than ever before.

Tamlin Software makes it easier for small and mid-size businesses to compete in an arena typically dominated by larger brands by giving companies like yours the tools to compete against industry giants at prices that make sense for you.

Whether it’s Wal-Mart, Costco, Target or any other leading food retailer, you can’t get your product on the shelf unless you meet their audit requirements. With Tamlin, the audit process is easy, detailed and proven. What’s more, what used to take you hours and hours of time tracking layer after layer of product information can now be done in a matter of minutes and within a budget that small and mid-size businesses like yours can afford.

Remember, we know EXACTLY what small and mid-size businesses need and how to provide you with turnkey solutions that lower your potential risk, increase productivity, save money and drive growth.

For more information on our tools, expertise and commitment, contact us today to learn more about our Food Processing ERP solutions. From farm to fork, Tamlin is the partner for you.