Food Processor succeeds with new ERP implementation

Here in Texas, BBQ is an institution.  Wycliff Douglas Foods, Inc. provides BBQ sauce with that swycliff-logopecial hickory smoked, dark succulent flavor and deep aroma. Through the years, sales have expanded and for Wycliff Douglas CEO Nick Schwabe, that meant continually ramping up production to fulfill the demand for their product.  Very quickly Schwabe was faced with two critical and immediate issues:  accounting was being done on spread-sheets and traceability was stored in binders.  He knew that he was going to have to rely on state-of-the-art technology to help manage his business better.

So when Schwabe reached out to Tamlin Software, he gave Linda Bryan, CEO, his ‘wish list’: automated lot tracking, traceability including mock recall/ recall, third party audit reporting, accurate and timely inventory of raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods and FDA Compliance.

With the implementation of Tamlin’s solutions, Schwabe today can view his inventory in ‘real-time’, he can determine ‘yield’ and can run cradle-to-grave traceability reports (backward and forward traceability) in under 2 minutes to obtain lot tracking, history and sales.  In viewing the history report, Schwabe can see which associate received the raw materials and ingredients, along with the inspections, who produced the finished good, including inspections and tests, and which associate processed the out-bound order.  It is important to state that all touch-points of components and finished goods, inspections and tests are included in the batch history report.

Another improvement that saved hours of time was in preparing invoices.  Before Tamlin solutions, it would take several hours each day for the Customer Service group to prepare invoices.  The new solutions relieve the Customer Services group from all the paper-work and allows them to focus on sales, not to mention leave work on time to have dinner with their family.

At the end of the day, when Wycliff Douglas Foods, Inc. is running Tamlin solutions smoothly, customers receive the product on time, and in turn, we at Tamlin can take pride and joy in knowing we are helping drive American success.