Manufacturing Software

Manufacturing Conductor™

Manufacturing Conductor™ is Tamlin’s proprietary shop floor control software designed for small to mid-size manufacturers. MC was designed on the shop floor by people who know manufacturing. Its simplified and easy to use interface keeps your people productive while getting you the information you need to realize your production goals. MC manufacturing software is also scaleable allowing your company to grow without adding costly overhead.

MRP. Quality control. Traceability. Compliance. Productivity, and a wide range of other issues are challenges every discrete manufacturer must address. But when you’re a small- to mid-sized company, you don’t have the resources you need to compete against the industry giants. Until now.


Supports quality control initiatives

  • Captures in-process inspection data live on the shop floor
  • Provides complete materials and finished goods traceability
  • Provides a complete audit trail of who worked on what when and QC results
  • Provides the tools to make your ISO certification much easier, saving money
  • Displays specific detailed work instructions at each step in the manufacturing process
  • Provides critical engineering revision tracking and control
  • Supports serialized items and components and provides lot control, including complete inventory part history

Manages shop floor and optimizes operations

  • Provides real-time shop floor management data for optimum scheduling and shop management
  • Provides real-time visibility of all shop floor activity
  • Costing: captures raw material, WIP, finished good, and scrap costs including labor
  • Supports seamless handling of re-work and scrap
  • Supports batch size of one to allow tracking of partial moves
  • Tracks location, usage and maintenance of tooling including expendables
  • Provides data for Theory of Constraints optimization
  • Provides WIP reports to help identify constraints for scheduling
  • Answers the questions: Where are my parts and where are my people?
  • Tracks employee time by work center, job or sales orders

For more information on how Tamlin’s Manufacturing Conductor software can help you achieve your goals, contact us today.