OurRecords for Compliance & Quality Programs

Automate your supply chain document management

Reduce your compliance cost and risk—and improve your product and process quality.

1. Stop having to nag your suppliers
OurRecords sends your suppliers automated alerts and reminders to stay in compliance, and lets them upload their own documents to your system for their ingredients and packaging.

2. Be ready to handle audits anytime
OurRecords is always ready to provide current, complete and accurate compliance reports for GFSI, SQF, FSMA, customer and internal audits.

3. Have all your supplier details in one place
OurRecords centralizes and tracks supplier approvals, new vendor on-boarding and documents, staff prerequisites and training status, and more.

Watch our 30-minute webinar recording, “Close the Gaps in Your Supplier Compliance Documentation,” to get a good idea of what it would be like to automate your compliance process. You’ll see examples of how easy it would be for both you and your suppliers to use OurRecords.

Efficiently and securely share compliance data across your value chain


OurRecords features automate compliance management for your supply chain vendors, supplier items, supplier on-boarding, customers, employee training, audits and more.

All participants get an optimized view of the information they need to see:

  • Supplier Portal
  • Buyer Portal
  • Customer Portal
  • QA Portal
  • Broker / Distributor Portal
  • Customize a Portal (for any optimized view)

And in-depth vendor and item compliance reports are easy to generate.

Leverage automated workflow and emails

Dramatically reduce the time spent chasing vendors and documents, while decreasing the likelihood of any details being missed. Instantly locate your compliance documentation for any supplier, item, employee or customer. Let your staff focus on higher payoff projects while OurRecords chases documentation for them with automatic notifications for current or pending non-compliance.
More benefits include:
  • Easily provide documentation to quality teams, auditors and customers
  • Address your bottom line cost while gaining competitive advantages
  • Handle records just as easily even if you’re a larger company with many locations and participants
Read our blog post about the challenges of managing thousands of documents:

Replace your folders, file cabinets and giant spreadsheets

Tamlin’s food industry veterans will set up and implement an OurRecords program, by itself or in conjunction with integrated SQF programs and accounting, MRP, ERP and traceability systems. OurRecords is easy to learn, use and maintain. Contact Tamlin to learn more or ask questions.