Tamlin Launches ChangeConductor Management Program

Tamlin Launches ChangeConductor® Management Program

Change-Management Approach Supports ERP Conversions in Plant Environments

DALLAS—July 18, 2016—Tamlin Software is introducing ChangeConductor®, a structured change-management approach designed to help manufacturing companies implement technology-based ERP systems. A Dallas-based provider of ERP, traceability and accounting solutions for manufacturing companies, Tamlin integrates shop-floor production processes with home-office systems in real time.

“Nearly three-quarters of all organizational change initiatives fail, and for manufacturing companies, mistakes that lead to inaccurate data can cost millions,” said Linda Bryan, CEO of Tamlin Software. “We’ve designed Tamlin ChangeConductor® to help manufacturers replace traditional paper-based reporting methods with technology-driven systems. It’s not enough to provide technology alone. Successful migration requires every employee’s buy-in, combined with a focused management effort to make change happen.”

Tamlin ChangeConductor® includes a suite of services designed to minimize disruption, train employees and correct problems before, not after the go-live date. Services are offered in four distinct stages of the adoption process:

  • Assessment
  • Design & Development
  • Deployment & Sustainability
  • Evaluation

“It’s important for management to remember that change isn’t something done to employees. It’s something employees must embrace themselves. Our goal is to help manufacturers find optimal ways to turn shop-floor workers into bona-fide change agents—rather than barriers—to innovation.”

About Tamlin Software
A leader in customized traceability solutions, Tamlin is an award-winning developer of accounting software, manufacturing quality-control software, shop-floor control software, MRP, and enterprise optimization solutions for small and mid-range manufacturers, food processors, distributors and other industries. Tamlin Software is an Elite AccountMate Business Partner. www.tamlinsoftware.com.

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