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Scheduling Software

MC Scheduler

Competitive Business Edge

To win business, competitive pressures are forcing manufacturers to reduce margins, operate leaner and produce more with less. As the gap between profit and loss shrinks, management must weigh customer demands and sales against their finite capacity to produce. To find the optimum balance between what’s good for your business and what’s good for your customer, management teams are turning to Tamlin’s MRP and Scheduling software.

MC Scheduler™ Features

MC Scheduler™ evaluates a host of production variables, delivery dates, production capacity, labor and material costs and generates a complete production plan. Management can run “what ifs” to handle changes and see the realistic affect on delivery, utilization, inventory and bottom line profitability.

  • Offer ever-more products and options
  • Provide ever-shorter lead-times and smaller lots
  • Ensure ever-higher levels of on time delivery
  • Perform without excessive inventory
  • Find hidden savings and lower production costs

MC Scheduler™ assists with day-to-day management

  • How will an expedited order affect your business? Should you commit to the delivery date? What’s the effect on other orders? What’s the best way to maximize the opportunity?
  • Manage change orders: How will this change affect my production and my bottom line? How can I service my customer and have the least negative impact on my business?
  • Keep your commitments: When a problem such as a machine breakdown, material shortage, or vendor delay disrupts production, what’s the effect on existing orders? What’s the best way to reschedule and still keep delivery promises?
  • Evaluate business changes: How will changes such as: new machinery, focused work cells, additional tooling, additional shifts, more staff, new products, different inventory policies affect your business?