Integrate ERP Software Tamlin

Why You Should Integrate Your ERP, Accounting and Scheduling Systems

By Linda Bryan
Chief Executive Officer
Tamlin Software

If you’re a manufacturing company, and you’re like most businesses, you want to grow. Maybe your goal is to become a Fortune 1000 company or maybe it’s just to grow into a bigger and more profitable operation. Either way, your goal is still the same—to achieve greater growth and profitability.

But manufacturing companies are without a doubt one of the hardest types of businesses in the world to grow profitably. The combination of ERP, accounting and scheduling systems required to manufacture products efficiently and profitably at consistently high levels of quality is far more complex than businesses typically require.

That’s why integrating ERP, accounting and scheduling into one, seamlessly managed software solution is so important—and possibly even critical for every manufacturer.

Four key benefits of a fully integrated ERP, accounting and scheduling system

  1. Measurable productivity improvements. Greater productivity is the holy grail of every company that wants to grow profitably. Integrating ERP, accounting and scheduling not only eliminates duplicate data entry, it can decrease overhead costs significantly, including high-dollar employee headcount.
  2. Lower cash requirements. Better information also allows for more just-in-time inventory, which means you’ll have less cash tied up in RM, WIP or FG inventory.
  3. Sharper competitive edge. Faster turnaround times on custom orders. The ability to provide real-time order status. Better on-time delivery. Greater quality assurance. Better cost information for pricing. Any one of these benefits makes a company more competitive. But when you add them all together, they give mid-sized manufacturers the ability to compete head-on with companies that are much larger and have far more resources than most companies can afford.
  4. Better information. Without the right information, it’s virtually impossible to make the right decisions. Integrating your ERP, accounting and scheduling into a cohesive information source promotes better bottom-line decision-making. When you don’t need to chase the data to make key decisions, it’s not only easier, it also leads to better results.